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vineri, 17 aprilie 2009

story of my life...

...I shiver and pull the blanket tight around myself, for I am colder than I had realized and I wonder that all things seem to be from hell this days...Could the situation be that we no longer believe in that particular place? Or, maybe we were all promised heaven in our lifetimes, and what we ended up can't help but suffer in comparison. Maybe, someone got cheated along the way. I live in a period of time when too much seems to happen, major symptoms include addiction to internet, TV, mass-media etc...but don't you wish that your life become a story?

Oh, I really wish my life be a great story for my God, a story wich includes God in everything I am and I do. We live small lives on the periphery; we are marginalized and there's a great deal in wich we choose not to participate..the fight on earth to reach the heaven.
How do I start this big fight wich makes my life a story? Well...I guess you have to spell your own secret wich keeps you in this life...never be afraid to cough up a bit of diseased lung for the spectators.

I shiver and pull the blanket tight around myself again, upset because I don't know how my story will end, I know that the big final is gonna be only when my King will come...but..well..anyway I'm me and I know that everyone judge me not for who I am but for what I I'm gonna take a nap, before I start a new day in wich I have to be attempt on what I do, how I do and why I'm doing everything I have to...
I'm gonna close my eyes now..maybe in my dream I'm gonna have the story of my life....:)
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