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vineri, 6 mai 2011

Don't just do it, pray first!!!!!

Yesterday, after school I was waiting for my bus in a bus station and an old man came to me, and asked if I know english, I said "yes". He needed information how to get to Sangeorgiu de Padure; he had to wait for the bus in the same station where I was waiting, because we didn't have nothing else to do we start talking and after 10 minute we were talking about the difference between West Europe and East, and about the romanian people who are going to west for "a happy life", I told him that I never been in West to work, I start working in highschool and I am ok as I am. 

What I've discover while we were talking is that he wasn't surprise in anything I was saying.

After that talk about differences he asked me if I found my true happines, I told him that  I am christian and I found my happines in God, he told me he is a christian too and because his bus has to come he said that he wants to pray for me in that moment. I didn't have time to react because he started immediately. I was to shocked to pray, also the bus station was full of people, and they were
looking at us; also I was shocked when I was listening to his words, he was parying for my life
and for my problems like I ever told him how I am and what I need. 

When he finished he told me that God wants me home, back home, and that 
the Holy Spirit is helping and suporting me in my prayers. i felt that my heart is full of peace
 and power while I was talking with him. I told him that I think God put him in my way, 
he didn't say anything, he was smiling at me; he was old, more then 65 years, but I could
 see on his face that he was happy inside and young in his life.  I invited him to visit 
Sighisoara when he have any time, but he told me that "I hope I will see you Up there, sister". 

Then the bus came, and those minutes wich seemed for me hours had to stop, I thought
 that my peace will go with him, before he get in the bus, he turn to me and
 shout "Be blessed sister" , everybody was looking at me but I couldn't do anything then smile. 

He was gone and I couldn't understand what was it, and why did he picked me from all
 the people who were in  that station. Why was he so misterious?!? 

I can't answer to my questions but what I understand is that God want me to know that He is 
still in my life control, that He still cares and even if there are months since I wait for some
answers, He listen to my prayers, He still counts my tears. It was the answer that I was looking

A few days ago I was prayning for a sign, for something that I could be sure that He still cares. 
So, He gave me what I asked for, even if wasn't how I was imagine but it was the greatest
minutes I ever spend with someone. 

All I can say is that yesterday God let me feel a part of His truly presence.

Why I wrote this? Because I want to tell you that Gos is there, is with you, is in you.
He feels with you, He listen even if He is not answering right away. 

He still loves you, and He want your simplicity to walk with His Holy Spirit. 

God still loves you, brother/sister., and He still do miracles when you expect less. 

I know life is though, I know people are mean, I know that the devil is more involved in our lifes
then in past, I know all this stuff, but I also know that God made us a promise, that He will win
and He will take us back home,when the time will come. the only way to feel the truth, spread love and joy, is the only way to show
everyone that you are happy; tell eveyone about the truth, it is the only way to serve Him.

Do all of this and maybe we will meet Up there, with that old man :) 

And don't forget, don't just do it, always pray first!!! 

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